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Forums & Blogs

Becuz I Got High - A site for users to share their "high" experiences with other users from around the world!
Cannabis Cove - The TN420 message and news forum. Marijuana related discussion, Moderated open forum.
CannaWorld - A New Global Canna Community Portal,Information, Entertainment, Medicinal, Spiritual, Blogs, Gallery, Chat, Forums, Events, Journals, Website, Interviews, Chat, News, Feeds, Reviews and more!
Crawlyntaint - MJ friendly Message Board/community for friendly people to hang out and discuss marijuana realted topics, experiences, etc... General "shoot the shtuff" discussions.
Flow Culture - Stoner blog discussing many different ideas/issues from stoner music to philosophy to the legality of marijuana and psychedelics.
Headstuff Books Forum - Discussion and chat site where meditators and/or cannabis users can talk about techniques and ask questions regarding use, particularly in a meditational context.
HighTimers - Stoner friendly chat room with 150+ sounds and images to keep any stoner entertained for hours. We are a peaceful loving Community dedicated to the legalization of industrial hemp and medical marijuana..
Marijuana.com Message Forum -CheapTalk@Marijuana.Com. Large selection on various topics about marijuana. Site requires a user name, password and e-mail all other information is optonal.
Mellowfx - forum and community of people all over the world who discuss
marijuana, drugs and health, sex, politics, issues etc. free gallery.
Network Against Prohibition - Drug user activist group in the Top End of Australia. Holds regular community smoke-ins to protest against drug laws.
Psychedelic Trance - Psytrance music community featuring forums, chat rooms, events, profiles and photos.
Smoking Weed Blog - If you are looking to start or stop smoking weed - this blog is just for you! It will provide useful information on relevant topics.
Stoner Forums - an online stoner community featuring marijuana and lifestyle forums, marijuana pics, cannabis news and activism, marijuana growing information, humor and comedy, stoner podcasts, and tons more information. We are a Marijuana Friendly Community.
Stoner Society! - Create a profile and share Photos & Videos. Comment and Rate other users Videos and Photos.
THCtalk.com - Cannabis Community & Discussion
The House Of Chronic - An 18+ only marijuana forum, we are the official forum of the stone zone show and john doe radio. We always are giving free stuff to members!
TokenItEasy - Smokers Hangout, Growing Tips, Harvesting Tips, Partying Discussion, and much more
Tokeup - Very friendly all drug plus much more message board.Growing fast  with active members.
weedguru.com - Marijuana discussion forum with growing guides and other cannabis information for beginner or advanced smokers
Weed Nation - a global force for education about and reform of Marijuana legislation. Founded in 2006 by its leader Captain Chronic, the Nation has quickly grown in size. Captain Chronic leads a group of super-stoners who enhance their natural abilities through marijuana, giving them super powers.

News Groups

To access newsgroups go to your news reader and type in one of these sites. Remember to stay as anonymous as possible when in a newsgroup.



rec.drugs.cannabis misc.activism.cannabis
rec.cannabis rec.cannabis.policy sci.med.cannabis soc.cannabis.policy
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